Google voice购买永久的两个GV号码都是永久号码吗?

一直以来,Google voice中文网都有一个原则,就是不以讹传讹。就比如说关于Google voice购买永久号码过程中10刀换号的Google voice号码是否也是永久号码的问题上。

Google voice中文网一直强调只有谷歌官方没明确的说明,就不要乱说一样。之前,很多客户来问我,Google voice购买永久后,2个号码就都是永久号码。【来源于谷歌voice社区的非官方回答】


前些天,一个老铁TM在Google voice中文网上留言,一直深究这个问题,具体可以看:


新号也是永久的,我参考的是Google Voice Help里的客服的说法:

“You can pay $20 to port in a mobile phone number. Ported-in numbers are considered “permanent”, meaning Google will not reclaim the numbers, since they weren’t Google’s numbers to begin with, and you have paid a fee to port in the number. Similarly, you can pay $10 to change a number, and that new GV number will automatically be permanent.”


根据最后一句“Similarly, you can pay $10 to change a number, and that new GV number will automatically be permanent.”证明了你花十美元换的号码也是自动永久的。



To answer your question, yes the number will be permanent since you paid $20 fee to keep it as original Google Voice number. However, the other number which you paid $10 fee to change it to a new number this will not be permanent and you have to at least use that number once in every 6 months so that it will not be taken from you.

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