Google Voice出现无法发送短信即提示发送失败或”Not Sent”是什么原因?如何避免?

前些天,有个Google voice中文网的老客户给我反馈,说是Google voice无法发送短信,提示”发送失败”或 “Not sent”,是什么原因导致,如何处理这种问题?

因为,自己一直在用Google voice号码,也没碰到,就没给予回复,简单告知暂时没收到其它客户反馈,等等看了。




我就直接简要的讲了,voice官方明确Google voice语音不能应用于商业用途。所以要求谷歌语音避免下列情况出现但不限于这些

  • 短时间内拨打许多电话;
  • 向多个收件人发送同一条短信,尤其是当这些短信没有收到回复时;
  • 发送URL链接;
  • 在短时间内发送大量短信。



至于如何避免,那就自己看着办吧!毕竟有些人就是要把Google voice号码当客服,用来发促销短信等。

至于封了Google voice的功能,目前申诉通过率极低,个人还是建议重新弄个号码吧!


Hello Kathy Hutchings, and thanks for posting in the volunteer-run Google Voice Community help forum.

This is the [mostly] free, consumer version of Google Voice. It does not include any customer support, and it is not intended for business use.

Google Voice’s calling and text messaging features are intended solely for one-to-one, personal conversations (one text message sent per one reply received). It is specifically not to be used for business purposes, nor for any sort of mass robocalling, telemarketing nor text messaging. It doesn’t matter if your calls or texts are heinous spam, or a reminder to students, or the prayer or cat video of the day; mass text messaging will be blocked.

To prevent abuse of the service, Google Voice will block certain calling or text messaging behavior that looks like spam. These behaviors may include, but are not limited to:

Making many outbound telephone calls of short duration
Sending the same text message to multiple recipients, especially when those messages do not receive replies
Sending URL links
Sending large numbers of text messages in a short period of time

There are two stages of blocking: initially, a Google Voice account may be temporarily blocked from calling and/or sending text messages. Wait 24 hours and try again. If you repeat the same behavior, or your initial behavior is so extreme that it requires immediate intervention, your account will be suspended.

If you previously had a working Google Voice number, and you were able to successfully send and receive SMS messages, and now the messages fail to send, then:

Open a laptop or desktop computer’s web browser (not a tablet or smartphone). If you’re using Google Chrome Browser or Safari, press Ctrl-Shift-N to open an incognito browsing window. If you’re using Firefox, press Ctrl-Shift-P to open a private browsing window.

Sign into the correct Google/Gmail account that holds your Google Voice phone number, and go to

If you see the page below, then your use of the Google Voice service has been suspended. You will not be able to use the Google Voice number, nor port it out, unless you click the “contact us” link on that page, and Google agrees to lift the suspension. If Google denies your appeal, there is nothing else you can do. You can no longer use Google Voice.

If your Google Voice service has not been suspended, (i.e. not showing the error page above) please wait 24 hours before attempting to send an SMS again. Warning: if your SMS function is restored after 24 hours, then it had been temporarily disabled for text messaging patterns that may indicate abuse (e.g. spamming or other behavior that violates Google Voice’s Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policies). Don’t repeat these patterns, or your use of the service may be permanently revoked.

There is nothing whatsoever that anyone here on this forum can do about your situation, nor can anyone on the Google Voice staff do anything about it.

The only means of appeal is to fill out the form reached via the “Contact us” link, in the email you received from Google. Their decision is final.

If this has happened to you, and your appeal is denied, then you will not be able to use Google Voice at all, nor will you be able to re-use the associated Google Voice telephone number. You will need to get a new telephone number from a more suitable calling or text messaging service.